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Classic North Atlantic crossing: From the Caribbean via the Azores to Portugal

15 February 2025 14:00
27 March 2025 10:00
Sailing area
Port of departure
Jolly Harbour (Antigua)
Port of arrival
Cascais (PT)

An ocean sailing adventure is sure to leave lifelong memories. During this sailing adventure we use the trade winds across the equator to fill the sails and cover thousands of kilometres. It is not for cowards, but perfect for the enthusiastic adventurer! From the Caribbean island of Antigua, the tall ship Blue Clipper sails across the Atlantic to Cascais in Portugal. The journey to cross the open ocean takes 41 days , including a four-day stop in the Azores and extra buffer days to make the most of the wind. Arriving early in Portugal, you can use the ship as a base to regain your footing and explore the area.

An ocean adventure offers the full spectrum of elements. From rough seas and gentle breezes to trade winds that fill the sails and propel you over the waves. The professional crew masters manoeuvres in wind, rain and sun and uses weather radar technology to determine the safest and most efficient route. Each day brings new surprises and enables guests to develop resilience, adaptability and a deep appreciation for nature and its elements.

Previous experience on the water is required. Once the ship is underway, there is no turning back. It is therefore mandotory to have made st least a shorter sea voyage beforehand to test your seaworthiness. This could be, for example, a week’s trip in the Caribbean, or a weekend on the Baltic or in the Mediterranean. We will be happy to recommend a suitable “test trip”.

The professional and experienced crew will teach you everything you need to know, because on this trip you will be part of the crew. You will hoist the sails, stand at the helm and be involved in all aspects of sailing on a tall ship. The Blue Clipper sails day and night. Everyone is invited to participate in the watch system on board, but this is not compulsory – the ship is fully crewed. Don’t worry, you will never be without a crew member on watch and the watch system is worked out once everyone is on board to assess the guests’ skills.

From plotting the route on the chart, cooking together, navigating astronomically, hoisting and trimming sails to rope work and repairs – there is always something to do on watch. The rest of the time is free to enjoy the deep black night sky, read a book or three or play cards together. The sea gives you a chance to throw off the demands of the modern world and fill your soul with “Vitamin sea”.

Tip: You can reach Antigua (ANU airport) by plane from Europe via Frankfurt/Main or London. The final destination Cascais is near Lisbon. There are direct flights to most of the European airports. If you need help with your travel planning, we’re happy to help you with that.

Blue Clipper

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Frequently asked questions

If you are travelling alone and have not booked a private cabin, you will be accommodated in a shared cabin. Shared cabins are normally occupied separately by gender Only on the Belle Amie and Seatrips yachts there are sometimes mixed cabins.

Yes, this is possible. However, there is only one menu per day on the programme. Therefore, please let us know during your booking if you have any special dietary requirements.

In principle, all our trips are suitable for both experienced and novice sailors. The professional crew on board will teach you everything you need to know. In some cases (e.g. on Atlantic crossings) initial sailing experience may be an advantage/requirement. In this case, this will be clearly indicated in the cruise description.


Four-bed ensuite cabin (18 - 25 years, mixed gender)
Adult€ 6.640 p.p.
Double cabin ensuite
Adult€ 7.805 p.p.

Included in price

Full board (breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks)
Soft and hot drinks
Bed linen (pillow, sheets & duvet) and shower towel
Nautical Crew incl. crew cook
Breakfast only during the stopover in the Azores
All tender trips to and from the ship
Port and fuel costs

Not included in price

Lunch and dinner ashore during the stopover in the Azores
Alcoholic drinks (available on board at fair prices)
Travel and cancellation insurance
Transfer from/to the departure/arrival port (flight tickets etc.)

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