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During an Atlantic crossing on a traditional sailing ship, you experience the grandeur and beauty of the ocean at its best. During these voyages, we follow the routes that these traditional sailing ships have been navigating for centuries. Modern weather radar technology helps us determine the safest and most efficient route today. These are green journeys, from A to B almost without CO2!

Sailing across the Atlantic is reserved for the bravest travelers seeking the ultimate adventure. For those who long to experience life on a traditional sailing ship at sea and immerse themselves in the wonders of nature, an Atlantic crossing can be the perfect opportunity.

An ocean adventure like this offers you the full spectrum of elements. Sometimes the waves here are very long and glide slowly under the ship. On the gentle swell of the Atlantic, you encounter all kinds of animals during the voyage that you won’t see anywhere else, such as schools of flying fish shooting out of the water, impressively large jellyfish, and playful whales. But sometimes there are also breaking trade winds that fill the sails and propel you over the waves.

These intercontinental journeys are thus travels for active travelers. We all sail the ship together. Sailing experience is not necessary, but an active and open attitude is. Along the way, we teach you everything, from setting the sails and navigating to steering the ship, and at the end of the journey, you will be an experienced seafarer. Of course, there is also plenty of time to relax, read a book, and have a good conversation. Have you ever swum where it’s 4 kilometers deep? This is your chance!

At night, we simply keep sailing, with everyone on board assigned to watches. This allows us to keep sailing while everyone has enough time to rest, eat, and sleep. Though it’s not on every ship compulsory to take all the watches. The nights at sea are magical. Because there is no ambient light (light pollution) on the ocean, you can see not only the stars but also the Milky Way.

Arriving in port after being at sea for a long time is an unforgettable experience. Try walking straight with your newly acquired sea legs!

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Sailing trips

4 November
 to 16 December 2024
€ 6810
  43 days
From Portimao, the tallship Blue Clipper sails to Barbados. The journey takes 43 days to cross the open ocean, including a four-day stop in Tenerife and extra buffer days to make the most of the wind.
21 January
 to 24 February 2025
€ 5980
  35 days
Crossing the Atlantic- Stopovers in the Canary Islands and Cape Verde – all meals on board, port charges etc. included
15 February
 to 27 March 2025
€ 6810
  41 days
From the Caribbean island of Antigua, the tall ship Blue Clipper sails across the Atlantic to Cascais in Portugal. The journey to cross the open ocean takes 41 days, including a four-day stop in the Azores and extra buffer days to make the most of the wind.
30 March
 to 6 May 2025
€ 6100
  38 days
Crossing the Atlantic. Stopovers in Bermuda, the Azores and on a Channel Island