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The Twister is a 35-metre-long two-master, originally built in 1902 as a traditional wooden fishing vessel. In 1998, the ship underwent an extensive transformation, converting the two-masted schooner into a luxury sailing vessel with the look and feel of a yacht.

The Twister stands out for its speed and reliability. The ship has an upper deck with numerous seats right by the steering wheel, as well as a lower deck with a spacious seating area. With a capacity of 20 people for overnight stays and 55 people for day trips, the Twister offers more than enough space. Inside, you will find a saloon with a ship’s own bar, a seating area in the wheelhouse and a well-equipped galley. The cabins are each equipped with their own sink, and a pleasant night is guaranteed in the comfortable berths.

Whether at the helm, on deck or in the cosy saloon, this welcoming vessel provides the perfect setting for families, companies, clubs or friends. Thanks to its modern rigging system and graceful lines, the Twister is excellent both in the Baltic and on global waters.

You can book the Twister for a group trip on the Baltic Sea, sailing cruises to London or co-sailing trips in the Caribbean.

Ship Type
Ship type
Sailing area
Baltic Sea, North Sea, Caribbean

Prices for groups (for max. 20 persons)

You can book the Twister for a group cruise on the Baltic Sea from Kiel (Germany). Other departure ports may be possible, depending on the booking schedule.

Prices shown are the rental for the entire ship in the 2024 season on a self-catering basis. Send us your request with your desired date. From a day to a week... everything is possible.

Weekend (Fri. 20:00 to Sun. 16:00):€ 4.370
Week (Mon./Sat. 10:00 to Sun./Fri. 16:00):€ 8.100
Midweek (Mon. 10:00 to Fri. 16:00):€ 5.260
Overnight stay:€ 500
Day trip (10:00 - 16:00):€ 3.700

Included in price

Personnel costs for captain and sailor
1 engine hour per day

Not included in price

Port fees and tourist tax (per port approx. 60 - 120€)
Final cleaning (150 €)
Travel to/from the port of departure
Further engine hours ( 45 €/h)
Travel/cancellations insurance

Extra's (Optional)

Bier (kegs, price on demand)


  • 2 x 2 bed, 4 x 3 bed en 1 x 4 bed
  • Sink in each cabin
  • 220V European sockets
  • incl. bed linen on all tours
  • Gas cooker with 4 burners
  • Oven
  • Refrigerator
  • Freezer
  • Microwave
  • Coffee maker
  • Kettle
  • 3 showers
  • 3 toilets
  • Central heating
  • Bar with beer tap
  • Saloon on two levels
  • Board games


Ship Type


Year of construction


Home port



34,80m / 6,20m / 2,60m



Sail Area


Standard Sails

Schooner sail, mainsail, foresail, inner and outer jib, staysail


Dinghy, dining tables on deck, 2 SUPs

Sailing cruises and ferry trips under sail

Sailing cruises and ferry trips under sail

HIt’s something new, or maybe something old that we had forgotten. A ferry service by sailing ship! A sustainable adventure with a tallship at sea. Because the journey is as important as the destination. And because there is so much more to see and experience while sailing along the way. This is a slow and at the same time adventurous way to travel. Along the way, you can help with the sailing if you like, but lazing around is also allowed. No sailing experience is no problem, the crew will be happy to explain everything to you. Fresh air makes you hungry, and we will spoil you with tasty snacks and good meals along the way. During these trips, you will share a cabin with your fellow sailors. 2-, 3- and 4-bed rooms are available on board. You can also book a private cabin for yourself, your partner or your family.

Travelling to the ‘New World’

In January 2025, the Twister will depart from the Netherlands for a (almost) emission-free journey to South America and the Caribbean. With this trip, we want to offer an alternative to flying and take a first step towards sustainable intercontinental passenger transport. At this time of year, a strong trade wind blows from east to west across the Atlantic. So this is the right time to start the crossing. We sail first to South America and explore the coasts of French Guiana and Suriname. Then we visit the most beautiful Caribbean islands. In spring, sea conditions are favourable for sailing eastwards and we sail back again.

The trip is divided into six legs, visiting the most beautiful spots along the route. Of course, it is also possible to combine legs or do the Grand Tour.

Leg 1: Rotterdam – Lisbon 02.01. to 19.01.2025, from €2,250 p.p.

Leg 2: Lisbon – Paramaribo (Suriname) 21.01. to 24.02.2025, from €5,980 p.p.

Leg 3: Paramaribo (Suriname) – Grenada 25.02 to 05.03.2025, from €1,710 p.p.

Leg 4: Grenada – Martinique 06.03 to 14.03.2025, from €2,070 p.p.

Leg 5: Martinique – Sint Maarten 15.03. to 27.03.2025, from €2,900 p.p.

Leg 6: Sint Maarten – Rotterdam 30.03 to 07.05.2025, from €6,100 p.p.

Grand Tour: Rotterdam – Rotterdam 02.01 to 06.05.2025, from €19,900 p.p.

15 October
 to 21 October 2024
€ 1185
  6 days
  North Sea
The mini cruise is a 6-day trip in which we sail from Amsterdam to London. We dock in central London. Having had a prosperous crossing, we will stay here for two nights before sailing back to Amsterdam
15 October
 to 18 October 2024
€ 620
  3 days
  North Sea
This trip consists of a crossing of about two days and an overnight stay in London. At night, we sail on.
18 October
 to 21 October 2024
€ 620
  3 days
  North Sea
This trip consists of a crossing of about two days and an overnight stay in London. At night, we sail on.
2 January
 to 19 January 2025
€ 2550
  18 days
  North Sea, South Europe
Crossing the North Sea, the Bay of Biscay and the Atlantic Ocean – Several stops along the way, depending on weather conditions – all meals on board, port charges, etc. included
21 January
 to 24 February 2025
€ 5980
  35 days
Crossing the Atlantic- Stopovers in the Canary Islands and Cape Verde – all meals on board, port charges etc. included
25 February
 to 5 March 2025
€ 1710
  9 days
Across the Atlantic from Suriname to the Caribbean. On these voyages, passengers also have a say in what happens next.
6 March
 to 14 March 2025
€ 2070
  9 days
Across the Caribbean Sea from Grenada to Martinique. Island hopping en route (daily destinations by common agreement with all guests on board).
15 March
 to 27 March 2025
€ 2900
  13 days
Across the Caribbean Sea from Martinique to St. Martin Island hopping en route (daily destinations by common agreement with all guests on board)
30 March
 to 6 May 2025
€ 6100
  38 days
Crossing the Atlantic. Stopovers in Bermuda, the Azores and on a Channel Island