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The yacht was built in 2000 and designed by J&J Design (known for the ‘Grand Soleil’ sailing yachts, among others). The Cherokee was completely refurbished 2009 for better sailing characteristics at sea and a more practical and comfortable interior. The yacht now has, among other things, a cutter rig and a generator. Sailing yacht Cherokee is 16.5 metres long and has a beautiful teak deck, wide gangways and in the cockpit there are seats for everyone.

A modern classic with her light blue hull, the Cherokee is an eye-catcher in any harbour. She is a manageable and easy-to-sail yacht. A total of eight passengers and two crew (the skipper and a mate) can be taken on board. On crossings, additional crew goes along, and the maximum number of passengers is then four.

The interior is tastefully and practically panelled in mahogany. The cabin has a cosy seating area and the galley is equipped with a fridge, freezer, electric hob and combination oven with microwave, among other things. Each cabin has storage cabinets for luggage and hatches that can be opened. Also, all cabins have a natural ventilation system and the toilets have a mechanical ventilation system (with timer). The boiler has been extended to 90 litres and the cooling from the generator set runs through it, providing enough hot water for showering even at anchor.

The cockpit has plenty of space with comfortable sofas and a table. Should it cool down or rain in the evening, we can put up a cockpit tent in no time, so you can also sit outside (covered) to enjoy the view.

Host and owner Jouke Lemmers comes from a family of seafarers. He has travelled 54,000 nautical miles since then with the Cherokee alone. Sailing, tackling unknown coastlines and challenging conditions are his passion. He also likes as much sailing with as few engines as possible, beautiful nature, a good atmosphere on board and strong coffee. The Cherokee’s average engine hours are only 180 per year (including manoeuvring on an annual 3,000 nautical miles). This low number is possible because the Cherokee is a good and easy sailing ship and by anticipating the weather and sailing as far as possible into ports.

Ship Type
"One Off" J&J 50
Ship type
Sailing yacht
Sailing area
North Sea


  • 5×2-bed cabins (3x double bed / 2x twin bunk beds)
  • Luggage lockers
  • Hatch
  • Natural ventilation system
  • Sitting area
  • Navigation corner
  • Board library
  • Games
  • Electric cooker
  • Combi-oven with microwave
  • Refrigerator
  • Freezer
  • 2 toilets
  • 2 showers
  • 1 outdoor shower


Ship Type

“One Off” J&J 50

Year of construction/ Conversion

2000/ 2009


16,00m / 4,55m / 2,00m



Sail Area



Volvo Penta TMD 22, 78 hp

  • Cockpit tent

Unique individual tours, sailing along off the beaten track.

You travel alone, but join a small group of like-minded people. Sailing and visiting (unknown) coasts quickly creates a cosy group atmosphere. During your round trip, you will be in a different place every night, but your belongings and accommodation will travel with you! Sailing along is a nice balance of travel, enjoyment, culture, fresh air and relaxation.

Household tasks on board the ship such as table setting, dish washing and cleaning are always done jointly. We assume that everyone contributes of his or her own accord, otherwise or by mutual agreement, a corvee schedule is made. Shopping and meals are generally taken care of by the crew, but when cooking, all help is of course welcome. There is also a board cash for each trip. This is an amount you pay per person in cash at the start of the trip. From the board cash, food and drinks on board for both guests and crew are paid, as well as fuel, water, shore power, harbour fees and tourist tax, but excluding excursions, food and drinks ashore. The level of prices for these varies by area. Whatever remains of the board cash after the sailing holiday will be refunded to you. With less than 3 participants, the board cash is usually not sufficient. In that case there is a surcharge on the board cash of up to € 50 per person.

For all individual co-sailing trips, you do not need any sailing experience. The skipper and owner, Jouke Lemmers, is experienced in sailing at sea and supervises the navigation and sailing together with the crew. They also know how to discover nice harbours or sheltered anchorages and make sure you have a special and varied sailing trip. Of course, you can also sail along to enhance your own sailing experience, or to gain miles for a sailing licence.

The sailing trips are divided into categories (from real sea sailing to relaxed island hopping), so you can choose what appeals most to you. For each Cherokee sailing trip, the relevant trip category is listed.

Category A:
Crossings, sea sailing, mile-makers where sailing also continues at night.

Category B:
Longer sailing days, with no sailing through at night. 

Category C:
Shorter day distances and enough time for sightseeing with occasional extra trips.

Category D:
Sailing Holiday Specials, not available every season.

Category E:
Sailing holiday with Sea Sailing Training (route planning and tactics, navigation, boat handling and sailing technique, sailing with nature and anticipation)

Category F:
Sailing holiday with small children on board too.


25 July
 to 3 August 2024
€ 1436


  9 days
  North Sea
This sailing trip will head into the Hjørundfjord, one of Norway’s most beautiful fjords, but less known to the general public. With imposing mountains, picturesque villages like Sæbø and rugged snow-capped peaks.
4 August
 to 17 August 2024
€ 2267
  13 days
  North Sea
This sailing trip goes deep into Sognefjord, Norway’s longest and deepest fjord. We will also anchor a few times and spend a day in Mundal/Fjærland.
18 August
 to 25 August 2024
€ 1241
  7 days
  North Sea
From the cosy student town of Bergen, we sail into the ‘Outer Hardangerfjord’, unique here are the beautiful orchards and tasty Cider. A beautiful and sheltered sailing area, ideal for those unsure of their ‘sea legs’, or as a first introduction to sea sailing.
26 August
 to 6 September 2024
€ 1922
  11 days
  North Sea
From Norheimsund, we sail deeper into the impressively beautiful ‘Inner’ Hardangerfjord. Unique here are the beautiful orchards and delicious Cider. Relaxed sailing holiday with shorter day distances and plenty of time for sightseeing
7 September
 to 15 September 2024
€ 1202


  8 days
  North Sea
From Haugesund, we sail via several islands in the wide Boknafjord to the breathtakingly beautiful ‘Lysefjord’. Among other things, the plan is to spend a day at Tau, from where there is the option to hike to the spectacular viewpoint the ‘Preikestolen’.
16 September
 to 25 September 2024
€ 1538
  9 days
  North Sea
Depending on the weather, the first day we will sail from Stavanger to a Norwegian island off the coast. After that, we have a distance of about 280 miles to go to Scotland.
16 October
 to 20 October 2024
€ 971
  5 days
  North Sea
We will cross the English Channel to Ramsgate or Lowestoft, a distance of 120 miles with shipping lanes, wind farms and lots of shipping traffic. An educational crossing with one-night sailing where we will use radar and AIS, but will also practise with ship lights.
14 May
 to 18 May 2025
€ 1079
  5 days
  North Sea
We will cross the English Channel to Ramsgate or Lowestoft, a distance of 120 miles with shipping lanes, wind farms and lots of shipping traffic. An educational crossing with one-night sailing where we will use radar and AIS, but will also practise with ship lights.
27 May
 to 7 June 2025
€ 2159
  11 days
  North Sea
An instructive sea sailing training because of the busy shipping lanes, strong currents and tidal puzzles, but above all a wonderful sailing trip along a beautiful coast with nice ports. Category E/A: Crossing with sea sailing training, where sailing also continues at night.