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Sailing expedition in the Arctic – Svalbard West Coast 6

27 July 2024 17:00
3 August 2024 09:30
Sailing area
Polar region
Port of departure
Longyearbyen (Spitsbergen)
Port of arrival
Longyearbyen (Spitsbergen)

Explore the fjords, glaciers and mountains of Svalbard. Home to unique Arctic wildlife!

On this eight-day voyage, you sail along the west coast of Spitsbergen, also known as Svalbard. When you explore Svalbard in summer, you have the surreal experience of uninterrupted daylight, giving you countless wonderful opportunities to capture the real Arctic in your photo. You can observe seals, birds, arctic foxes and polar bears in their natural habitat. Our guides will tell you all about the unique wildlife and history of Svalbard.

The ship and crew take 10 guests and two guides to places that can only be reached by ship. With our fast and robust expedition Zodiacs, you will be so close to the water that you will be completely immersed in the Arctic! You will explore and photograph the landscape and marine life. On land, experience nature up close on hikes and have the chance to enjoy fascinating panoramic views. The guides can split the group if necessary and adapt the hikes to your goals and abilities. Depending on weather conditions, you will climb the glaciers with crampons and ice axes. Back on board, you can enjoy your private hot shower, relax and enjoy nature and delicious food in good company.

After landing at Svalbard Airport, your sailing adventure begins the following afternoon with an introduction to the crew and moving into your cabin. After a light dinner and departure, we will inform you about life on board and the weekly programme. We always take into account weather and other factors, as well as the wishes and capabilities of our guests.

Day 1: On Saturday, we sail to the beautiful Isfjord – Spitsbergen’s majestic fjord. We anchor in Trygghamna, from where we have a fantastic view of the Esmarkbreen glacier. This glacier has an impressive length of 15 kilometres! Trygghamna Bay was named “Safe Harbour” because of its calm and light sea.

Dag 2: Je wordt wakker omgeven door de majestueuze bergen en wildernis van de Kongsfjorden. Zonder internetverbinding kun je nu helemaal opgaan in de natuur. We varen naar de spectaculaire Krossfjord, die in het binnenste gedeelte twee verdeelde fjorden heeft en een populaire excursiebestemming is. We meren aan bij Ny-London en ‘Lloyds Hotel’: In tegenstelling tot het ongerepte landschap is Lloyds Hotel een oude, oranje geverfde jagershut. Na terugkomst op het schip krijg je een heerlijke maaltijd geserveerd voordat we op weg gaan naar de Magdalenefjord.

Day 3: Magdalenefjord and Smeerenburg
Magdalenefjord will take your breath away with its impressive scenery. The fjord is rich in wildlife and history: you can see walruses and seals in their resting places or whales swimming in groups. Discover the historic remains of whaling in Trinity Harbour, where whalers in the 17th century caught whales for their oil and baleen and walruses for their tusks. After visiting Magdalenefjord, we sail to Danskøya and Smeerenburgfjord, which is rich in colonies of little auks and other birds.

Day 4: The remote northwest
The remote islands of Danskøya and Amsterdamøya are also known for their history and wildlife and are a good place to spot polar bears. Several of the small islands are inaccessible bird islands, used by birds as nurseries for their young.

Day 5: Sallyhamna
You are now above 79 degrees north – a milestone! This is the northernmost point on this trip, so enjoy this moment. You’ll hike to the best vantage point for great photo opportunities.

Day 6: Ny-Ålesund
Ny-Ålesund is the world’s northernmost settlement, known for its mining history; today it is the site of an Arctic observation point. About 60-100 scientists from all kinds of countries live in Ny-Ålesund, but not many stay in winter. We visit the village, souvenir shops and museum.

Day 7: Isfjorden
On the journey south to Isfjorden, we pass the long island of Prins Karls Forland, “the foreland”, where the famous walrus colonies are located. The cliffs, high mountains and glaciers on the eastern side offer perfect panoramas. Use the jib net or crow’s nest for the perfect shot!

Day 8: Disembarkation in Longyearbyen
After a week of sailing at sea and climbing remote mountains, it is time to return to civilisation. A full breakfast strengthens you for your last day in Longyearbyen. Disembark, explore the charming town and catch your flight home in the afternoon!

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Frequently asked questions

If you are travelling alone and have not booked a private cabin, you will be accommodated in a shared cabin. Shared cabins are normally occupied separately by gender Only on the Belle Amie and Seatrips yachts there are sometimes mixed cabins.

Yes, this is possible. However, there is only one menu per day on the programme. Therefore, please let us know during your booking if you have any special dietary requirements.

In principle, all our trips are suitable for both experienced and novice sailors. The professional crew on board will teach you everything you need to know. In some cases (e.g. on Atlantic crossings) initial sailing experience may be an advantage/requirement. In this case, this will be clearly indicated in the cruise description.


Double cabin with private shower
Adult€ 4.150
Single cabin with private shower
Adult€ 6.225

Included in price

Accommodation on board in double cabins with private shower
Experienced, qualified guides with extensive knowledge of the region
Professional nautical crew
Standard offshore life jacket and lifeline
Bed linen & towels
Transportation from your hotel to the ship and from the ship to your preferred location in Longyearbyen
Full catering (all meals on board, snacks, hot drinks, non-alcoholic drinks)
Shore landings and Zodiac tours

Not included in price

Airline tickets to/from departure point
Hotel and meals in Longyearbyen before/after tour
Insurance (personal health insurance, travel insurance, cancellation insurance, etc.)
Technical backcountry ski equipment and clothing ( only required on the Ski & Sail trips)
Alcoholic beverages on board
Museum entrance

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