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Since 1932, the Afsluitdijk has separated the mudflats from the Ijsselmeer, protecting the many old Dutch harbour towns from the sometimes unpredictable tides. The former Zuiderzee has now become a true sailing paradise and you can easily sail far inland via numerous canals. How about a detour to Amsterdam, for example, or a trip through Friesland? The largest freshwater lake in the Netherlands is above all a quiet and wide sailing area with 1001 fun possibilities.

Are you interested in the Dutch history and enjoy discovering new cities? The distances between ports here are never far and flexible planning does not stand in the way. If the wind changes, your ship will also change its plans – make a nice stop to eat a fish or just sail on.

On the water, there is no stress and we leave the word ‘have to’ on land. Here you will enjoy a wonderful view, the wind filling the sails and be on the lookout for the next discovery.

We will travel to Makkum, Workum, Stavoren or Lemmer – Frisian towns – , the fishing village of Den Oever on Wieringen, up the West Coast to Medemblik or cosy Enkhuizen.

Here we can channel through to the Markermeer and, after the last busloads of Japanese have left, stroll through tourist attractions such as Volendam, Monnickendam or Marken. Of course, Amsterdam is not far by then either, and after a city stroll we can continue along the IJ or through the canals towards the North. Especially in spring when the tulips colour the land, this is a beautiful route. From Den Helder, we then sail across the Wadden Sea, lock through the afsluitdijk and come back to the IJsselmeer.

Neighboring Countries

Possible travel destinations on the IJsselmeer

After just a few days on board, you can marvel at the diversity of this sailing area. There really is something for everyone here. Ports of departure and possible stopovers always depend on the ship.

Weekend: Former Zuiderzee ports like Enkhuizen, Hoorn or Medemblik
Midweek: IJsselmeer and Markermeer - From Amsterdam to Makkum, almost anything is possible!
Week: Around North Holland? Via Amsterdam to Den Helder and back across the Wadden Sea

Important: The route always depends on the wind and can therefore only be discussed on board.

Sailing trips

28 July
 to 2 August 2024
€ 610
  5 days
  Wadden Sea, IJsselmeer
Your adventure starts in sturdy Harlingen, situated on the beautiful Wadden Sea. You will discover the quietest beach on Terschelling, the chicest beach club on Vlieland, the cosiest harbour-side café in Enkhuizen, the most beautiful lighthouse on Ameland, the finest bike ride on Texel, the most stately buildings in Hoorn and/or the tastiest kibbeling in Den Oever.
2 October
 to 6 October 2024
€ 335
  4 days
Experience the last autumn sun on Dutch waters. Your neighbouring country is within easy reach and yet a little holiday abroad and a different culture awaits you. Perhaps you will take a piece of Dutch serenity home with you…
4 October
 to 11 October 2024
€ 755
  7 days
  Wadden Sea, IJsselmeer
Discover the natural beauty of the Wadden Sea National Park and the West Frisian Islands from the water. A round trip on the IJsselmeer and the Frisian canals is also possible:
11 October
 to 13 October 2024
€ 305
  2 days
This regatta consists of two parts. On Saturday, the famous Three Cities Regatta is sailed. On Sunday, the clippers gather off the coast of Enkhuizen for a race on a so-called “trapeze course”.